The Holy Name

What does the Holy Name desire?


The Holy Name is all-merciful and has descended in this age of degradation to uplift the most fallen.  Still, it is sobering to consider that we could easily spend decades or lifetimes chanting the Holy Name without actually touching the essence of His mercy or making much progress at all.   


Is chanting automatically serving the Holy Name?   Is it the Holy Name that will awaken prema, or the dynamic of our relationship with the Holy Name that will do so?  Does service mean just doing a task or to know the desire of your Master’s heart and please Him by fulfilling it?  If so, are we sure we have already understood the depth of the Holy Name’s desire?   


Are we ready and eager to expand our service to the Holy Name, at the personal level and collectively as a Sankirtan Movement?   Also, how deep is our conviction that Sankirtan is practically relevant for humanity at this critical moment in history?  Or is it illusion to care about the world?  


We want to investigate what is hidden in our subconscious, and in the collective unconscious that we are implied in, that contradicts the service of the Holy Name.  It is also to explore what could be a real and comprehensive sense of service to the Holy Name, perhaps in a deeper and broader vision than we have considered before.  By knowing our enemy – the false ego – and by knowing the heart’s desire of our Master, we can have confidence to go forward on our path in a real and progressive way.   

It is true that we carry the burden of kali-yuga conditioning, but if we are honest and coherent we can trust that the all-merciful Holy Name will reciprocate by giving us ever-fresh inspiration to keep improving our service – allowing us to taste the nectar for which we are always anxious at every step.