Warm welcome!

Dear friend


We are pleased to invite you to the Bhakti-Festival 2024 on Schweibenalp. The dates will be published soon.


A festival of this kind is certainly extraordinary. For a mature access to God, the atmosphere requires complete voluntariness. Immanuel Kant writes of the power of casual consent.

Vaishnavas from different backgrounds and from different groups meet again this year on the Schweibenalp. Why?

For invigorating exchange, encounter, deepening, reorientation, empowerment, broadening of his previous understanding of bhakti and awakening the yearning for the loving relationship with Radha-Krishna ...


It is not easy to live in the midst of this world and listen to the call of the home, to hear it throb effectively. Spiritual gatherings that serve this theme are able to provide inspiration and drive to intensify your own path.


- Satsangs and meetings with teachers of Bhakti-Yoga - Seminars on a variety of topics

- Kirtans, Bhajans - spiritual concerts ("Prema-hara" and others will be with us)

- Yoga

- Theatre

- wonderful vegan food

- spectacular nature - ......


As a team of the Bhakti-Festival, we are very pleased to welcome you to Schweibenalp at the beginning of August.


Krishna chandra, Bhagavati, Suniti, Subal, Gaurasundar, Krishna Mayi, Ramani, Anuragini (Saranagati), Tribhanga


Registration and reservation of rooms: Maria and Anuragini bhaktifestival@posteo.ch. You can also find more information here.