Cancellation of this years Festival_ invitation to Bhakti-Festival 2021 from 25. July - 1. August (Sunday to Sunday)

Dear all, radhe syam


unfortunately we cannot welcome you this year on the Schweibenalp. The Bhakti Festival will not take place this summer.


From an inner point of view the riot around a virus was actually 95% fear and then a small remainder of effective tribulation, which one was allowed to face with wise caution. 

Because what we had just experienced in the outside world in amazement was not a reaction to a virus, but a reaction to the driving force of unconscious fear of death, which one did not want to get to the bottom of. When people are consumed by the system of "fear", totally disproportionate reactions suddenly become the norm. 


Although festivals in Switzerland are now allowed up to 300 participants, they are only allowed if the current rules of distance and hygiene are observed. Since Schweibenalp is an official company, they must follow these "rules". And we too would have to have an appropriately controlled hygiene and safety concept and adhere to it. This would sometimes also mean that we would only be allowed to take prasadam in shifts, and that we could not be all in the temple at the same time. 

In such circumstances we would only generate turmoil through our festival.  


We have spoken with our speakers and sadhus and many of them cannot come because it is not yet clear when they will be able to leave their country and enter Switzerland.

Because of this situation we have discussed long and intensively and have decided to invite you and all Bhaktas to the Bhakti Festival in 2021 again. 


It will take place from 25 July to 1 August 2021.


Then we would like to organize an international Hari-Katha festival... ...and it would be a great pleasure to have you back.

Bhakti is not a practice or something you do. It is the function of svarup-shakti, Krishna's inner joyful power, which is in its most condensed form in Srimati Radharani himself. This power is actually experienced concretely by listening to sadhus and serving them.

That is why Bhakti is actually always a festival. 


With faith and gratitude


Your Bhakti Festival Organizing Team

Maria, Bhagavati, Anuragini, Subal and Krishna Chandra  

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Bhakti-Festival at Schweibenalp (

In the Bernese Alps in Switzerland above the lake of Brienz in the middle of

beautiful montains.

There is an ashram for more than 30 years and the residents heartly welcome us.