Acintya-Bheda-Abheda-Tattva: Integrating the Universal Dynamic of Life

In order to establish our self in the absolute identity of Das, authentically integrating our psyche in coherence with Radha-Krsna Consciousness, it may be vital to enter deeply into the metaphysical Cosmovision of Sri Caitanyadeva: Acintya-bhed-abheda-tattva.
In this Cosmovision of Reality as absolute and all-inclusive Unity-with-Diversity, a dynamic polarity between distinct beings includes them together in the context of eternal relationship.  This dynamic permits neither conflict nor homogeneity.  When due to malfunction of the intellect the human psyche becomes disaligned from the natural structure of life as Unity-with-Diversity, there manifests the perpetual influence of both division and impersonalism.  
Sri Radha-Krsna-Yugala - the Supreme Being of Their Relationship which includes Them both individually within it - is the primordial, source manifestation of this dynamic of Unity-with-Diversity, which informs existence at every plane.  So a question is whether we can be successful in realizing the mystic Supreme Reality of Radha-Krsna Consciousness if we subconsciously sustain psychic habits of division and impersonal merging.  If our psychic functioning itself is incongruous with the nature of the Reality we seek to comprehend, and participate in, can such realization ever be possible?  
Furthermore there may be a problem to dissolve or transmute such deep blockages of subconscious habit if we continue to position our self as divided from the rest of life, for example by centering on an individualistic goal of liberation or competing with others for an exclusive claim to Truth.  Or conversely, if we negate our individuality by merging in a group identity.    Could our individual sadhana or our institutional evangelism appear on the surface to be successful, and yet unconsciously obstruct the expansion of Sri Guru-Gauranga's grace by sustaining a contradiction with the very structure of life?  
It seems absurd to think we can serve Mahaprabhu's all-inclusive Sankirtan Movement or approach Radha-Krsna-Yugala if our consciousness is even subtly divisive or impersonal. Therefore, on our common base of attraction for both of these treasures - the service of Sankirtan and of Sri Yugala - we want to initiate a discussion for discovering how to cure the sick functions of division and impersonalism by integrating deeply the Universal Dynamic of Life: Acintya-bhed-abheda-tattva.  Practically also, it is to begin investigating a new strategy for collaboration within the Vaisnava Movement which can simultaneously expand our individual and collective identity, and bring a superior service potential.