Workshop mit Prakashatma Prabhu

Spiritual life: a synopsis.

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1. Do we need philosophy in our life?


Philosophy is not merely mental speculation. Rather, it provides a method by which one can understand more clearly God, the World and the working of our minds. When we put emphasis only on our emotions, we may easily be laid astray. The principle of “simple living and high thinking” indicates that one’s intellect offers a support for spiritual life.


2. Baby steps to higher consciousness.


Spiritual growth goes side by side with emotional stability. One cannot hope to advance spiritually when one’s mind is disturbed. Immaturity in one’s life – emotional dependency, unhealthy fears of others, craving for recognition, incapacity to take decisions for oneself, and all kinds of neurosis and psychosis – will impair one’s progress on the spiritual path. Srîla Visvanâtha Cakravartî Thâkura is naming few of these obstacles in his Madhurya-kadambini. Modern psychology is providing for an acute understanding.


3. The highest goal of life.



Srîla Visvanâtha Cakravartî Thâkura describes in his Madhurya-kadambini how to practice raganuga-bhakti to clean the heart of all unwanted things and attain the highest goal of life (prema-prayojana). In the last stage of bhakti, the sadhaka sees the Lord face to face and experiences His divine presence throughout all of his senses.